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August 16th { D2TM Website }

Finally, the new website of D2TM is ready for usage. Note, it is a place for the NEW D2TM version, so there are no downloads yet, though it has a poll about the current version. Head to the new site and visit it regulary. I will post there often, about progress, how we are doing, etc.

August 11th { News }

It has been some time , but here we are with some news. A few things will change.

For starters, the D2TM project will be developed as one game only, instead of the planned 'MOD' idea. Only one game for this engine (though you can change some things here and there through INI files). The game will have elements of RPG, but also like SIM's (ie, world economy, etc). The goal of the game is to conquer dune. Only, you don't play like "briefing-mission-victory", you play like you should, on your own way to conquer an entire planet. More factions are planned as well, Fremen, Civilians, Mercenary, etc. Do note that a lot is in the 'design concept' and is free to be discussed at our forums!

Secondly, D2TM will have its own website soon, it will contain a lot of items concerning this game. It will be easy to maintain (compared to this site, which i have to hand-edit every time), you can react to news posts, etc. You will hear soon when the design is ready and where it is located.

Last, a request goes out to anyone who seriously wants to help with the project with coding. You need to have experience in C/C++, also familiar with the Allegro library. There is no CVS server so a good contact with me is needed to have a steady and good cooperation. If you are seriously interested and have something to show, you can send me an e-mail or post at the forums.

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