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Arrakis - A whole new Dune world...

Its the year 2000. Arrakis, a completely self written RTS game by Stefan Hendriks has reached its final version. Written in the limited borders of Quick Basic on a DOS environment and trying to get everything out of the QB sources possible. It delivers a worthy RTS and there still today no comparable projects on the QB market to beat this product. A huge thanks goes out to Enhanced Creations who made the DirectQB library to make this all possible!

Its features are what you expect from an RTS nowadays; fast gameplay, C&C style like sidebar. Icons. Click-select and click-move/attack. Repair/Build and destroy. Harvest spice to earn money. Apart from that, it has an AI that is able to completely overrun you and even call back units to repair them.

Its sad the environment of QB45 did not let Arrakis grow bigger and give the author chances to fix bugs in the game. But, other things came on the horizon... the world of C/C++

Some people asked why Arrakis looks so odd. THere is a very simple explenation for this; i started Arrakis when i was 15 years old. And scared to death that i would get sued if i was using the dune 2 gfx for my project. So what did i do? I created my own gfx but tried to stay 'close' to the dune 2 gfx. And i'll admit immidiatly, i suck at drawing gfx!

Much later, i did a new attempt to create a true dune 2 clone. This is called a "Dune 2 - The Maker" (refering with "The Maker" to "the sandworm").

Head on to the downloads page and grab the game (patched and all) or download its SOURCE!

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