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Dune 2 - The Maker

D2TM "Bene Gesserit" version.
Arrakis Version (2nd alpha - FULL)
Arrakis Version (2nd alpha - LIGHT)

D2TM "Arrakis" version.
Arrakis Version (1st alpha)

Official DEMO version of Dune 2 - The Maker, this version will not be developed further
Official "Dune 2 - The Maker" demo (Version 0.92)


Arrakis 1.13
Arrakis 1.13 Source code (NEW!)
Arrakis Editor pack
Arrakis 1.13 Mission pack (new missions)

When installing the following music files, you can have high-quality made music in the game. This music is NOT made by Stefan Hendriks. (PS. Originally there where 4, but 2 of them broke on my HD , if you have them, i would be glad to have them here again so don't hasitate to mail them (i don't mind the size))



All original dune 2 missions, extracted from the scenarion.pak

Dunedit seed files
A dune 2 guide how to edit/create scenarios

A completely new Atreides campaign, made with dunedit

How to create seed files? Use this revealer (for experts)

Misc stuff

"Ultra Dune 2" - Test project , first attempt to test C/C++ skills

A 90% complete GFX pack of Dune 2. Most gfx extracted and in BMP format. Assembled, but also in pieces. With sounds + unreleased progress screenshots of D2TM

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